Shock & Awe

When people hear that we're blending work, family and school under the same roof, we usually get one of two reactions:

Awe: "How do you do it?"

Shock: "Why on earth don't you send them to school?"

I'll start by saying that we've been in every kind of work/life combination there is:

Dad working full-time, either in an office or from home, while mom....stays at home, works part-time, works part-time with kids in tow, works from home, works full-time with kids in daycare, stays at home with kids in school, stays at home and homeschools, or works full-time on a flex schedule while dad works from home.

Seriously. We've done. it. all.

And all of it has taught us something about our kids and their specific needs: they thrive most when we're both at home. But we learned the hard way that just being here physically isn't enough; we have to be present.

So how do we do it?

Jeremiah starts the day at 5:30am and works from 6 - 12 while I get the crew going, run the house, homeschool the kids and keep in the loop on anything that comes up work-wise. At noon, we switch places and I work from 12 - 4 while Jeremiah runs the house, answers a million questions from the kids, keeps up with email and gets dinner started.

At 4pm, I have a final review of the day's school work with each of the older kids and then finish dinner. Depending on our workload, we sometimes go back to work after the kids are settled in for the evening.

It's a lot, but it allows us to have moments like these:

Why wouldn't we do this?


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After focusing on freelance work for over 10 years, we saw that our clients needed more than an ad, a poster or a website. They needed help relating their vision to their marketing, they needed to know whether their campaigns were really working and they needed someone to keep track of it all on a consistent basis.

Newmark Studios became a brand agency to meet those needs.

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