Why You Need to Start Using Video Marketing

Why You Need to Start Using Video Marketing

Did you know you can increase your landing page conversions by 80% just by adding video to your web page? According to a Forrester Research study, a video is worth 1.8 million words. Despite this, many brands are hesitant to add video to their marketing strategy because it sounds like an overwhelming idea.

How many of the following myths do you believe about video content?

It costs too much

Professional-grade equipment isn't necessary for creating engaging video content; chances are, you already have the equipment you need. Most smartphones and DSLR cameras are well suited for recording video content and there are free software programs that allow you to edit your videos before uploading them to your site.

As long as you have a clear vision of your audience and the message they need to hear, it’s possible for you to write the script yourself as well. You can then record, edit and upload your video in less than a day.

If producing your own video makes you nervous, there are many online resources that give tips for producing video content, including writing, lighting, staging and watching out for distractions in the background.

It's just a trend

Your business may have a solid marketing plan that uses traditional marketing methods, but a well rounded strategy has to include more recent engagement methods if it's going to reach the modern consumer. Just a few years ago, everyone thought that a mobile website was optional -- we all know how that turned out. Video is not a passing trend and will only continue to increase in importance. If you wait too long, you'll just be getting started while other brands have moved on to the results phase.

It Will Damage Our Brand

If video content is not seen as an integral part of your overall marketing strategy, then yes, you run the risk of producing a video that could damage your brand. But creating high-quality video content, that's in keeping with your brand's image and message, will only help strengthen your business. After all, if video marketing ruined brand reputations then Apple and Coke wouldn't be using video.

Even if you realize that video content can help your brand you may be at a loss for how to get started. Here are some ideas for how to use video in your digital & content marketing; but remember that video (or any other content) won't help your business if it's not what your audience really cares about:


Even if you offer a specialized service, offering how-to's for related activities can help establish your credibility and build trust with your audience. When they need more than what they can do themselves, they'll know who to contact.


Interviews are a great way to boost your brand's exposure while providing your audience with highly relevant content. They also let you link to influencers in your industry and give media outlets a strong reason to talk to you.

Event clips & live coverage

By including clips from recent events, or even live coverage from a current event, you can encourage future registrations and build a stronger sense of community and engagement.


It's one thing to read a testimonial, it's another to see and hear someone who is excited about how you've made their life better.


Whether they're live or on-demand, webinars are a great way to build your email list, connect with people outside of your local area and become a thought leader in your industry.

Tips & Tricks

This is similar to the "How-to" video, but much shorter -- about 30 seconds.

Industry updates

If you're in a rapidly changing industry, live-streaming can be a great way to rise above the text-based news and get updates out to a greater number of people.


Show people what it takes to run your business, set up your event or even produce your videos. It's part of your story and people want to feel that they are part of that.